My Portfolio

A selection of my best work. No variants of code shown in class or in tutorials - all personal content!


Rip the Ribs VR

Asymmetric Multiplayer using one Oculus Rift. Defend your ship from skeleton pirates!


Are we there yet?

Finally vacation! Travel across the highway as fast as you can and avoid crashes.


AR Traps

Did you ever want to transform your living-room into a moving death trap?

Crystal Shader

Portal Shader

A magic crystal grants a view into another world.

Unreal Procedural

Drawing Magic

My midterm Exam. Multiple mechanics and one cute, squishy companion.


Websocket Games

Retro games reimagined with unlimited local multiplayer! Just pull out your phone.


CV Game

The usual CV is boring? Well, this one is neatly packed into a character selection!

Unreal Procedural

Procedural Corridor

My first UE4 project. A Corridor can be generated and customized in the Editor.



A chicken uses her newfound magical powers to fight for freedom and emancipation.


This Website

My first time using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

12109 Berlin - Prühßstr. 77a

+49 151 57988774